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    • Extend the MeatProbe’s range for monitoring meat temperatures through Bluetooth

    • Power on and play


  • Bluetooth Link – Receive temperature data transmitted from nearby MeatProbes and retransmit the received temperature data up to 100 meters line-of-sight in open air or up to 33 meters indoors with Bluetooth to your smart devices.

  • Enhanced MeatProbe reception – Increased reception sensitivity to receive signals from the MeatProbe when it is positioned inside a grill/oven/smoker which is completely enclosed by metallic or ceramic material. Able to be positioned up to 7 meters away in these situations as opposed to a few feet.

  • Use with up to 8 MeatProbes – Receive temperature data transmitted from up to 8 MeatProbes.

  • Switch on and play – No installation, setup or pairing procedure required, just turn on and place near MeatProbe.

  • Long lasting – Two AAA alkaline batteries (not included) can last for over 50 hours of continuous operation.

  • Convenient placement – Built-in a magnet for easy adhesion to a metal surface to place near cooking location.


Bluetooth version4.2
Number of Probe Connection
Range : Probe to Extender
  inside Pan, Oven or Fas Grillup to 25m
  inside BBQ or Smokerup to 7m
Range : Extender to Smartphoneup to 100m
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 55° C
Storage Condition-20 to 65°C
Powertwo AAA batteries

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