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Wireless Meat Thermometer

How to cook your perfect steak using MeatProbe


Range Extender


    The MeatProbe, together with MeatProbe App, helps you monitors, tracks and records your meat’s cooking temperatures and sends notifications to the MeatProbe App on your iOS or Android mobile device when your meat is ready.

    In addition, the MeatProbe App provides suggestions for cook times, temperatures, or recipes for a cook; It even knows if you have run out fuel in your grill!  Therefore, MeatProbe is truly a smart meat thermometer and it allows you to do a perfect meat cooking each and every time.


The MeatProbe is suitable for use in a variety of cooking environment

You can use MeatProbe to grill, roast, smoke or sous vide a variety of meats including Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, and you may use multiple MeatProbes when cooking a large meal


    Meat cooking involves with knowing the best cooking temperature for the type and cut of meat and for how long.  Not only that, you have to frequently check the cooking to avoid under or over cook. This means that you are tied up to cooking and you can’t do much of anything else.

    With MeatProbe, you can setup a turkey in the oven, steak on the grill, brisket in the smoker, or sous vide cooking your steak using MeatProbe App’s cooking suggestion or enter your own preference, and then just leave the cooking. You may attend other activities at home or away while monitoring your meat. When the cooking is done (your food has reached the desired internal temperature), you will receive a notification on your Smartphone. Thus, you do the setup, leave, and wait for ready notification; it is that simple! You can break free from the kitchen or grill and have confidence that MeatProbe will tell you when your food is ready.


    Anyone of us would prefer the restaurant quality of meat cooking but not at a high cost; but if we cook at home, we will have to settle with lesser quality due to lack of the cooking skill. There is a perfect solution, with MeatProbe, it helps you cook any cut of meat at home to the master chef perfection, and at a fraction of cost of dining out in the restaurant.

    This is because MeatProbe will notify you when your food has reached the desired internal temperature, and the internal temperature is the key factor to make your food juicy and safe.


    The Bluetooth module inside the MeatProbe has a line-of-sight transmission range of up to 15 meters (50 feet) from your smartphone. However, the effective range may be reduced significantly to below 1 meter (3.3 feet) when you cook your meats in an enclosed cooking chamber (grill, oven or smoker). The actual range you’ll get varies a lot depending on factors like thickness of the cooking chamber and what type of material is between the MeatProbe and your smart device.

    You may extend the effective transmission range by using an Extender. The Extender may be a spare smartphone or tablet device running the MeatProbe app that is used and left near the MeatProbe. The Extender will link your MeatProbe to your smartphone via WiFi connection. This allows you to monitor cooking status of your meat from anywhere within the WiFi connection or if cloud enabled, anywhere internet is available.

    Instead of using a spare smart device, you may also use a standalone Extender device – MeatProbe Bridge (BR500), to extend the wireless range.

    MeatProbe Extender can simultaneously work with up to 12 MeatProbes, this allows you to host a party and cook up to 12 pieces of meats at the same time.

Using a smart device to extend range
Using MeatProbe Bridge to extend range
Using MeatProbe Extender to extend range


When Wi-Fi network is available
Wi-Fi Link – smart device and Bridge connects to the same Wi-Fi router
Cloud Service (optional)
When Wi-Fi network is not available
Bluetooth Link (extender mode)
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