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    • Grandex Open(PS430) is a battery operated sensor that detects when a door or window has been opened or closed. Use this to monitor your house or trigger automations and automatically turn on lights.


  • Monitor when a Door or Window is open or close.

  • Use the Grandex Open to trigger lights to turn on when you come home.

  • Get custom notifications when you leave the house with something still open.


Signal (RF Frequency)2476.0MHz , 2477.5MHz, 2480.5MHz
RangeUp to 70m unobstructed, line of sight, between the open/close sensor and the controller or other PS devices
Battery TypeCR2450
Battery Life2 years (continuous, 30 presses/day)
Operating EnvironmentFor indoor use only
Operating Temperature Range0-40°C
Operating Humidity Range0-90% relative humidity non-condensing
Dimensions60.8 X 42.8 X 12.2 mm