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  • In-Car DAB Receiver

  • In-Car DAB Adapter with Color LCD Display

  • Service Following & Traffic Announcement

  • Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free call


  • Upgrade your existing in-car FM-RDS radio system to receive DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R (option) digital radio services.

  • Play your MP3 player, iPod or smartphone through your car stereo.

  • Play music from your Smartphone or Tablet through your car stereo via the Bluetooth connection (A2DP) with play/pause/next/previous operations.

  • Supports Bluetooth Hands-free function and caller ID display for incoming call.

    1. Dual mode (multipoint): simultaneous connection with 2 Bluetooth phones.

    2. Conversations are reproduced over the vehicle’s speakers for maximum listening quality.

    3. Combines double microphone technology for echo cancellation and noise suppression – eliminates background noise and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the car.

  • Audio output to your car stereo can either be wireless by FM transmission or wired by direct cabling (AUX out).

  • AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) Technology – exclusive AFC technology provides a totally hands-free solution to ensure uninterrupted listening to DAB or external audio source thru your in-car FM/RDS radio.

  • AutoScan – to find a free frequency automatically for FM transmission when car radio’s AF (Alternative Frequency) feature is disabled or not available.

  • FM frequency fully selectable in software.

  • Includes automotive-specific features – support DAB service following and traffic announcement.

  • Simple to install.

    1. Wireless connection using FM-RDS micro-transmitter and no complex cabling to your existing in-car radio.

    2. Powered from standard 12V cigar lighter socket.

    3. Compatible with all in-car FM-RDS radio systems.

  • Easy to use.

    1. Full scanning for DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R (option).

    2. Station names and system information displayed on 2.4” color TFT display.

    3. 4 memory keys for up to 16 preset of favorite DAB stations.

    4. Tone/balance/volume controlled through existing in-car radio system.


WorldDMB profile 1compliant
Capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes1-4
DAB RF Frequency RangeBand III: 174 MHz ~ 240 MHz
DAB RF SensitivityBand III: -98dBm ~ -100dBm
Input Impedance50Ω
Far off Selectivity42dB (min)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity30db (min)
FM Transmit Range87.6 MHz ~ 107.9 MHz
Bluetoothversion 4.1, backward compatible with BT3.0, 2.0, and 1.2
Power Consumption2.65W(typical)
Power5V DC
Audio in3.5 mm/stereo
Audio out3.5 mm/stereo
Operating Temperature Range-10℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature Range-40℃ ~ +85℃
Dimensions99 x 77 x 29 mm