About Us

Founded in 1990, we are committed to the continuous development of products, and research and development of key software and hardware technologies to design and produce a range of creative products, including:

1.Wireless Meat Thermometer:

The patent-pending MeatProbe is a true wireless meat thermometer that offers user convenience for monitoring meat temperature from a mobile device during a cooking process, and so let the user be able to fully control the meat temperature and so get chef-quality meat dishes at home using different cooking means such as grill, oven, sous vide, etc. We are also continuously developing a variety of Range Extenders that are used to extend the range of the thermometer so that users can monitor temperature from a smartphone or tablet PC at a distant location, or even at a remote location far away from home. In addition, we developed technologies for manufacturing so we can produce quality products in our own factory, and ensure every thermometer is waterproof and dishwasher safe.  
With all key technologies of firmware, software, hardware and RF circuit developed by our R&D team, we are able to design and produce a wireless meat thermometer that can meet your requirements and enrich your product line. OEM/ODM/JDM projects are welcome.

2.Smart Home:

Centered by a control hub, Grandex Smart Home system Kasia is constructed based on a proprietary wireless network and a software platform for monitoring and controlling a wide variety of home automation devices via smartphone or tablet PC.

3.In-car DAB Receiver

With the patented technology Automatic Frequency Change (AFC), we developed the world’s first in-car DAB adapter in 2008 and have launched numerous of models since then, either hide-away type or on-dashboard type version. The AFC technology provides a seamless connection from the DAB adapter to the car stereo system and offers great user experience for listening DAB program via the car-fitted or after-market entertainment system.

Corporate Mission

We are committed to continuous innovation and product development. We provide products and services that bring benefit and happiness to consumers. Our ultimate goal is to fully satisfy our customers, employees and shareholders.

Grandex Culture


Total quality management
Do the right things right the first time


Sensitive to the rapidly changing environment.
Act quickly


Lead trend and develop competitive new products


Achieve corporate goals through effective communication, employment empowerment and team collaboration.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer-oriented. Fully understand and fulfil customer needs.