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Smart Home

    Grandex smart home system is the first complete and affordable home control solution designed with the user in mind. Together with the Grandex app, you will be able to control and monitor all the electronic devices in your home.


    Grandex smart home system is made up of individual modules that work together to help you take control of your home. Product installation is as simple as plugging it into an outlet. Walkthrough instructions are available right in the app for every device, making even a light switch installation approachable. With the Grandex app on your Smartphone, you can monitor and control your system from anywhere at the touch of a button.

Smart Monitoring                 

    Smart homes are not just about controlling things, it’s also about monitoring what is going on in your home. With Smart Monitoring, keep tabs on devices that are active and in use so you can turn off anything you accidentally left on. Monitor anything from a clothes iron to TVs and space heaters. 

    Gain peace of mind knowing that your lights and appliances are turned off when you are not at home. You will never again spend the day wondering if you left that space heater on.

Smart Alerts

    With Smart Alerts, you can be notified whenever the laundry cycle is complete, or when your fridge door got stuck and didn’t close. This can save you both time and money while keeping your day running smoothly.

    No more wrinkled clothes or spoiled food!


    The Grandex smart home system is equipped with a versatile automation/scheduling system that makes turning a connected home into a smart home easy. Just select the device you would like to automate and let the intuitive guide walk you through the rest.

    Have your lights turn on and off while you are away on vacation giving people the illusion you are home.


    The first of its kind, an integrated smart home presence system to make your home react to you as you come home and move throughout your house. With the Grandex smart home system’s Presence BLE tags installed in a room, lights and other smart devices can react to your presence and turn on as you enter and off after you leave.

Lights that respond to only you

    Lights that respond to only you.


    A smart home should operate differently when you are at home, away, or even on vacation. By simply leaving your home or at a click of a button, the scenario for your Grandex smart home system changes - making lights and other devices react accordingly.

    Put your devices into groups and scenes to activate all lights on and off or to set the mood.

Wireless Link

    Using standard RF technology, Grandex smart home system frees you from the cost of proprietary control systems as well as providing better range than WiFi based solutions. Smart home solutions are only good when they are connected. Grandex devices form a wireless mesh network allowing you to connect your entire home. Our RF link has a range of up to 200ft between devices. No longer are you limited by the range of your router. (Range may be limited by walls and objects between devices)

    Every Grandex device is interconnected with other Grandex devices around it to create a stronger and more reliable network.


    The Grandex smart home system will be accessible online from most devices with an internet connection and a browser. A dedicated Grandex APP will also be available for iOS 7.0+ and Android 5.0+ at launch.

Future Integration

    IFTTT: The Grandex smart home system and software is designed to be compatible with IFTTT and is on our road map of future features.


    Watch Interfaces: Controlling your Grandex smart home system through a watch interface on both Apple Watch and Google Gear is also on the road map for future implementation after the initial release.


    We know system security is very important to our users so we have implemented a combination of encryption and a rolling code to keep all your devices and commands secure: All commands sent between the Grandex Hub and devices will use an AES128 w/ fixed key + rolling code. All communication with the Grandex App will use an AES256 w/ variable key + rolling code. 

    We have set out to make Grandex smart home system a complete Smart Home solution system.  What we have laid out here is just the foundation of the system to come. We’re already working on the next wave of products, smart automation features, and partnerships to round out our system. Light dimmers, power strips, motion sensors, moisture sensors, leak detectors, temperature sensors, garage openers, alarm sirens and thermostats are some of the things we’re looking at to add to the product line. With the addition of these sensors and other control products, Grandex smart home system will be able to intelligently react to you and your family. In areas such as locks and video monitoring, we will be partnering with industry leaders to make a complete integrated system.




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